You are what you eat

Choosing a supplement that’s right for your horse is always a challenge, then multiply that by 20 plus unique individuals and it can be a real headache.

Each of our horses are fed a carefully tailored diet to meet their everyday requirements - we take into consideration their workload, body condition, age and general health when choosing the correct diet.

We have fed Gain for the last few years and our horses have all blossomed on it; from our pregnant mares to our top horses and everyone in between, there is something in their range for all horses.

Gain, believe that excellence in equine health begins with nutrition. Each of their feeds is scientifically designed and tested to enhance the equine digestive system and maximum absorption, meaning that each mouthful is helping them maintain peak health and optimum performance.

Some of our horses require a little extra to help to keep them feeling at their best and this is where supplements are so important.

We believe in prevention is better than cure, so a lot of our competition/ horses in training are fed a joints supplement to support their everyday health.

There is such a large variety of Joint supplements on the marketing, all doing something slightly different and with different ingredients.

As with humans all supplements can have different effects for different people so when our usual ‘go to’ joint supplement wasn’t working for one of our older horses we decided to try an alternative and the results have been really positive.

Elite Equine have designed an organic natural Rosehip supplement that enhances the horse’s own anti-inflammatory process, which provides a powerful natural antioxidant to support all-round good health and the horse’s immune system.

We started off with just one horse on this and within 6 weeks had seen such positive results that we now have 5 of our competition horses on it. As it has such a huge impact on all the body systems, we have been able to reduce the other supplements to only feed this one.