Winderen Half Pad

Product Review- Winderen Half Pad

As with humans, horses are generally asymmetrical and constantly changing shape. To maximise our saddle fit we use a mixture of shims and pads to consistently make sure our horses saddles are balanced and comfortable which improves muscle tone and performance.

Recently we discovered the Winderen half pad and it has been a real game changer with the horses we tested it on.

We tried the Corrective 3 shim pad version which offered us great versatility and allowed us to tweak the fit/ balance of the saddle, with thin felt shims.

Inside the pad it is made up of 5 technologically designed layers to provide maximum comfort, stability and reduces concussion without being bulky or restrictive over the spine area, allowing the horse to move more freely with more cadence and ease.

A big bonus is that the base Kevlar layer allows the pad to stay put and doesn’t slip when in use like our usual pads.

Overall, we felt the pad had a huge positive impact on the horses we used it on and has make a significant improvement in performance and movement.

From a rider’s point of view, it also offers a more comfortable balanced ride making you feel very secure and positive when riding forward in more advanced movements.

Due to the unique fibre make up of this pad it moves with the horses’ natural biomechanics giving you a closer connection with your horse.

Innovative design at its best!