The power of Premier Performance

Back in April we attended the Winter Championships with Apollo (IceBlue Valentino) competing in the Inter 1 Gold, PSG Music and a very late entry in the Inter 1 Music.

Unfortunately, the first two days didn’t go to plan. After a very excitable arena walk, Apollo warmed up beautifully but found the atmosphere inside the main arena very intense and couldn’t settle, spending more time going backwards than forwards. One judge describing it perfectly - “Poor you, not your day today!”

Before we went home on day two, we went and had a chat with Camilla from Premier Performance CZ who gave us some wonderful advice on how her products could help when we were next out competing. Little did we know that would be the following day!

The next morning, we woke up to a phone call from Hartpury “a place has become available in the Inter 1 music, would you like it?” So, yep you guessed it with an hour and twenty minutes until we had to leave, we agreed. Quickly reloaded the lorry and off we popped.

We followed Camilla’s instructions, giving Apollo a dose of the Premier Calm Powder as a paste in a syringe first thing in the morning, followed by a dose at lunchtime, a final dose 45 minutes before we were set to compete.

Apollo warmed up well, being much more focused and rideable than the previous two days. Off we went to the holding arena for the third time that week a little concerned of what we were about to put ourselves through.

The bell rang, down the centre line we went, and he halted, square and still! From then on, the test went from strength to strength, presenting a more confident and polished performance. Resulting in 10% improvement in the score and finishing in 10th place on 68.417%.

We are always so very proud of Apollo but more so that day as he had really held it together and tried his little heart out. It just goes to show we can never fully predict what will happen between those boards but we’re just so thankful that we had the opportunity to give Apollo a confident round in the end.

The invaluable last-minute help from Camilla made such a huge difference, not only with his performance but with his general overall demeanour looking calmer and more relaxed.

Another Fantastic product from this range is the Sassy Mare Plus powder. This product has really helped a few of our more hormonal ladies feel more settled in their training, allowing for better performance and ultimately a happier horse.

On the yard we now use a range of products from Premier Performance CZ on a variety of horses with great success. We would recommend anyone wanting to discuss their horse’s supplementary diet to give the team a call, they are extremely knowledgeable and have helped us improve the performance of many our horses.

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