A well balanced life

As with humans a work life balance is key to anyone’s happiness. Like with humans some horses thrive off a busy life style and others need a more relaxed existence to get the best out of their temperament and enable them to thrive.

Taking your time at the start of any relationship enables you to get to know each other better and foresee any potential problems in the future, this is most definitely true when it comes to horses.

Any new horses we have on the yard for training are given time to settle in. With light work and turn out so we able to assess them and create a tailored training plan just for them. Creating a happy athlete is key to our overall ethos at here at Corvedale Equestrian.

Most of our horses live in a herd, which is a great way for them to develop their social interaction skills which can help them in their own confidence and keep them mentally happy. Obviously, this doesn’t suit all our clients’ horses, but we still believe that 24/7 turnout is the best option even in small groups. We give our stallions daily turnout as this helps with their mental wellbeing.

Our horses live a well-rounded life with ridden and in-hand schooling sessions, as well as a diverse training program which helps them to improve balance, strength and maintain their suppleness throughout their work.

We find pole work invaluable for improving cadence and flexibility plus the horses really enjoy it, and when the poles are raised, our show jumping sessions can get a little bit exciting especially in a dressage saddle!

We are very lucky we have such beautifully countryside here in Shropshire, hacking is fundamental in developing a happy athlete. Helping to promote relaxation, develop fitness, as well as adding a huge variety to our horse’s lives.

Other ways we like to add variety to horses training regimes is to use the water treadmill this is a great way to improve overall fitness, core stability and muscle tone. As well as our wonderful farrier we also have regular visits from our fabulous holistic therapists - Theraplate, Physio, Acupuncherist, Chiropractor and Equine Massage Therapist.

It does take time and effort to get the perfect balance but once you’re there, the possibilities are endless!