Pasajes 1

  • Stable name: Pass
  • D.O.B: 1999
  • Height: 15.1hh
  • Sire: Panadero XV
  • Dam Sire: Nadal VI
  • Owners: Webb family

Pas arrived at Corvedale in early 2021, he had been retired for a number of years. He had previously been imported from Spain and had trained all of the advanced work. He was lightly competed earlier in his career, but since then hadn’t really done much due to circumstance. After being at Corvedale for a short period it was agreed that it would be a great opportunity to try and bring Pas back to work and give him a focus. Pas has blown everyone’s expectations out of the water. He has qualified in both Flat and Music classes and Elementary and Medium Level for the winter regionals 2022.

This year he has:

  • Elementary Veteran Champion @ the Associated Championships
  • Medium Veteran Champion @ the Associated Championships
  • Elementary GBPRE Champion @ the Associated Championships

We are all very excited to see how many more accolades Pas will be achieving over the future months.