Milagros XVII

  • Stable name: Mila
  • D.O.B: 2014
  • Height: 16.2hh
  • Sire: Capitol
  • Dam Sire: Fer Carbonero
  • Owners: Webb family

Purchased in the summer of 2021 through an agent and bought via video, Mila embarked on her journey to the UK in September. With much anticipation as no one had met her we all awaited her arrival. The gates of the lorry opened, and there she was just as stunning as the video, she was lead to her stable where she tucked straight into her haynet – a real testament to her temperament. Mila has been given time to settle and adjust to her new, much colder surroundings. She is currently trained to medium and will continue her training through the winter and she will embark on her competition career early in the spring. We are super excited about this one!!!!! Watch this space.