Earendil Elentari

  • Stable name: Tara
  • D.O.B: 1995
  • Height: 14.2hh
  • Sire: Nomad
  • Dam Sire: Alpine

Tara was Mark's first horse bought for him by his Grandad. She was an unstarted 4 year old when they bought her and Mark was 15, it was here they started learning together. As Mark went off on his career path, Tara came along with him. She turned her hoof to everything eventing and competing at BD regional championships, but her greatest achievements were in the showing particularly under a side saddle. Her accolade’s consist of Supreme Ridden Champion at the National Hafflinger Breed Show, winning the Intermediate Equitation at the National Side Saddle Championships which meant that the following year the society had to change their rules as no pony had every been eligible for the Open Equitation class – she really was a rule breaker! She has been a superb schoolmistress to so many riders she really is one in a million.